Amulet Gin

Amulet gin represents a journey of gin love. Using neutral spirit made onsite from locally sourced molasses, the mouthfeel of this gin is silky soft and smooth. It is further aided by rainwater and natural spring water collected from the family property, which is then lightly filtered.

We wanted the first notes of juniper to be welcoming. Upon sipping, the gin opens itself easily to the palette with a hug of juniper aided by coriander seeds, orris and angelica roots. The softness of chamomile flowers provide a gentle floral note, and orange peel freshens with a vibrant citrus tone. Lastly, whole vanilla beans complete and maintain the harmony of all the ingredients.

Amulet gin has sold out and was only a limited edition product. The good news is that we are creating expressions of Amulet gin, with the first one launching in late 2020.

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